High-voltage, direct current systems (or HVDC, for short) provide power transmission across long distances at a lower cost, higher efficiency and smaller environmental footprint than comparable AC systems. Submarine HVDC cables are especially effective in connecting power sources to consumers.

The use of underwater HVDC cables is nothing new. The first was installed between the mainland of Sweden and the Island of Gotland in 1954. Today, more than 25 direct current submarine cables are operating around the globe.

Experience is important in developing, installing, and operating submarine HVDC projects.  Maine Green Line engages one of the most experienced submarine cable development teams in the world, working on both national and international projects. In partnership with other field experts, Maine Green Line will deliver reliable power solutions for New England.


  • Is a proven technology that has been deployed around the world with great success
  • Contributes greatly to reliable and flexible operation of an electrical grid
  • HVDC technology systems have a much smaller environmental impact than high voltage alternating current systems that could deliver the same volume of energy.